Balū Joed


recently arrived in Surk from Gulmex where they worked as an interpreter for those undergoing metamorphosis or elected mutation. Balū maintains a passive lifestyle and often hosts endangered species on their body. They are currently carrying various species of Acropora on their head. At night tiny fingerlike tentacles emerge from the coral to gather food. Balū has constructed a loose net around their body to encourage the polyps to settle on their skin rather than float away. Covered in tiny cilia like hairs the polyps glisten in the light and have the added benefit of making Balū look quite glamorous. Over time the polyps will settle and begin to secrete a white starlike outer skeleton. Once this happens Balū undergoes light surgery to transfer the coral to a habitat. With the pollution on Golmex and limited light, Balū chose to move to sunnier Surk so that the species could thrive. Balū has never been to Surk but is excited to see the wild roses, which they have long dreamed of smelling.