was very shy and did not speak until the age of 4. Even then Dexter found speaking laborious. It wasn’t until age 7 when their mother, the great songstress Pyta, took them to Anacama, a year-long carnival on a passing comet, that they truly felt a word that had meaning. The word that leapt from Dexter’s mouth one evening was Karaldagaz! It was a word that had no meaning and that no one else had ever said before. Dexter invented it and saying it made their skin ripple. They liked the power of the word and they like that it was theirs. Even though it had no “meaning,” it meant something to them. The word came to Dexter after they saw Andana-the-Greatest turn his Red-cheeked cordon-bleu finch into a palm-sized lynx. Ever since then, Dexter has devoted themself to the world of magic and, most especially, to the magic of words.