Hana–Sakébi Shika

is the only known remainder of the Kodai-Jūna, a peaceful forest clan. One morning, the Jūna were ambushed and Hana, by the will of Un, escaped. Before dawn edged over the forest Hana was woken by a small winged mouse named Teshi. Mesmerized by the songful creature with bright wings, Hana followed them to a cave beside the river Odā. While Hana fumbled in the dark cave, fire tore through the village. When Hana saw the flames she began to cry. Some say she cried for 100 days. Her tears were so many that they trickled out of the cave and into the river Odā. Moved by her sadness, and afraid of a flood, small creatures began to plant seeds in her fur to try cheer her up. Her body soon became a home for soft mosses, rare plants and the odd creature or two.