lives on Arandoe and carries a white Strelitzia in a custom aerogel womb fitted to their torso. The flower was most likely retrieved from the now deserted Sulmanac where the rapid decline in insect populations destroyed the Mistbelt forest. With no pollinators the flowers began to lose their colors and many species went extinct. With some success the Sulmanaci began to pollinate flowers by hand, but over time plants mysteriously developed albinism. Slowly the whole planet turned white. The surviving species are now available for adoption. If adoption is granted the guardian must undergo chlorophyll implantation which turns the skin a light green. They are also fitted with an aerogel womb, which provides the plant with its preferred habitat. While the relationship is symbiotic many frown upon guardians who undergo this procedure. Not because it isn’t charitable, but rather because it is immodest. Plant adoptions are expensive and are perceived as a status symbol.