Old Sanford Gelossi, and by old I mean really old. Sanford has been living in a mirage on Sulmanac for centuries. The mirage used to be a water palace bursting with fountains and bioluminescence, but there have been no water palaces anywhere for some time. When the weather changed many aquatic creatures died, and many more went into hiding when they started being hunted for their fluids. After a while the rising temperatures turned Sulmanac into a desert and the palace became a mirage. Others fled but Sanford stayed, adapting to the warming waters. At first, Sanford was haunted by terrible headaches. After a while a bulbous crown formed on their head. Naturally they were worried, but then it started to glow and attract tiny, shiny, creatures that, unknown to Sanford, had been hiding in the mirage all along. Over time Sanford has lost almost all their color, slowly becoming transparent, but for a few distinguishing spots. This, it turns out, has helped them blend into the mirage. If you ever see a sparkly sheen on the horizon in the desert it might just be Sanford and the tiny shinies, dancing alone in the mirage.