Ürru Scupa

lives deep in the heart of Grandecore in an area so hot, volatile, and toxic that it is hard to believe any life exists at all. From the outside, Suss Ürru looks like any other slug, but on the inside they are absorbing toxins through their thick and fleshy foot, transforming poisons into beneficial gases, which they release through their tightly pursed lips in a low ‘sss’ sound. This is how they came to be employed in planetary clean ups earning the name, ‘Whispering Broom’. Suss Ürru does not particularly care for this name, or the disdain that comes with working with waste. Others assume they are simple minded and unhygienic, but Suss Ürru is quite entrepreneurial, well traveled and wealthy. On a recent trip, they found dried sea stars which they are promoting as an enviable accessory and sweat absorber.