William Segoto

William, William, William Segoto
born of wind and earth here in Ohtoe
sung by seasons plucked by a Kotto
if you see him do take a photo

goes the popular jaunt about the famed Wiggit, William Segoto. William, was kidnapped from a popular “wildlife” enclosure in Ohtoe. It is believed that a Kotto, or 'bent soul', took them and that they now live amongst those who bend over the earth to tend crops. Some believe they were not stolen, but rather that they were returned to their rightful home. Wiggits possess a 'love of the land' and are important pollinators. The rose-like rattle at the end of their tail collects pollen and scatters seeds that the Wiggit collects while foraging. But not eveyone sees the Wiggit's presence as beneficial. There are those that covet their powers and those that see them as pests. Don’t be surprised to see rewards posted for returning them, and others for capturing them.